We are a partner that fully supports you in all phases of your solution lifecycle: from consultation and planning, through design and engineering, to implementation, operation, and maintenance services. We create an integrated strategy for your ICT platforms and continuously improve their performance. As the technological and operational complexity of telecommunications networks continues to increase, we focus primarily on higher value-added and comprehensive services. We have long-term experience in managing large-scale projects and operations, and in the maintenance of telecommunication networks.
What we do
We have been at your service for more than 23 years. We are a Central European leader in the construction, modernisation, and maintenance of telecommunication networks and in ICT services. We operate in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria. We achieved our position thanks to the quality and precision of our implementations, exceptional skills, and the hard work of our people. Our solutions include construction, maintenance, and service. We take care of the job – from A to Z.
Who we are

Modernisation and maintenance of infrastructure

We modernise active and passive elements of telecommunications infrastructure by replacing old technology with the latest 5G/LTE technologies, including optical and microwave transmission networks. We perform these replacements under the strictest conditions on “live” networks, with the shortest possible service outage and therefore minimal impact on end customers. With extensive experience of network upgrades across Europe, we are involved in the development of processes and local installation standards. In addition to the actual replacement of technology, we provide signal coverage measurements of indoor sites and outdoor areas using specially adapted measurement vehicles. We also help our customers create the necessary databases and configurations, as well as offer technical support and coordination of all processes from a monitoring centre.

Our entities



Suntel Germany
Suntel Germany, GmbH Sirius Business Park München Neuaubing Brunham str. 21 81249 Munich, Germany
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Backbone s.r.o.
Backbone s.r.o., Nupaky 148 251 01, Czech Republic
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Suntel Switzerland
Suntel Switzerland AG, Buechstrasse 20, 8645 Jona, Switzerland
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Enkom AG, Schellenrainstrasse 13, 6210 Sursee, Switzerland
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Czech Republic

Suntel Czech
Suntel Czech s.r.o., Březnická 5602, 760 01 Zlín, Czech Republic
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Backbone s.r.o., Nupaky 148 251 01, Czech Republic
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Suntel Slovakia
Suntel Slovakia s.r.o., Mojmírova 8040 01 Košice, Slovakia
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Teledat komunikačné systémy s.r.o., Sládkovičova 2040/20, 974 05 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
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Lukromtel, Československej armády 198/31967 01 Kremnica, Slovakia
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Fibrenet, Topoľnícka cesta 189 Trhová Hradská 930 13, Slovakia
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Our management

Board of Directors:

Martin Vašák

Member of the Board of Directors

Roman Řezníček

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Top management:

Martin Vašák

CEO Switzerland / Austria

Michal Mrázek

CEO Germany / Czech Republic

Jozef Beták

CEO Slovakia

Miroslava Nechybová

CFO Suntel Group

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