We are a partner that fully supports you in all phases of your solution lifecycle: from consultation and planning, through design and engineering, to implementation, operation, and maintenance services. We create an integrated strategy for your ICT platforms and continuously improve their performance. As the technological and operational complexity of telecommunications networks continues to increase, we focus primarily on higher value-added and comprehensive services. We have long-term experience in managing large-scale projects and operations, and in the maintenance of telecommunication networks.
What we do
We have been at your service for more than 23 years. We are a Central European leader in the construction, modernisation, and maintenance of telecommunication networks and in ICT services. We operate in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria. We achieved our position thanks to the quality and precision of our implementations, exceptional skills, and the hard work of our people. Our solutions include construction, maintenance, and service. We take care of the job – from A to Z.
Who we are

Suntel Academy Center

The centrality of education




Telecommunications is a technically very specific field, which is demanding not only in terms of highly specialised knowledge, but above all because it demands constant expansion thanks to the ever-improving technologies and their development. The need to continuously educate ourselves is therefore part of our daily work.

In order to function properly and protect the investment of customers, installers must have an effective system for training their staff. The Suntel Group has certified professional trainers and engineers who check the quality of the installation and provide high-level technical support. Workers are trained in audio-visual classrooms for up to 25 people so as to acquire the latest know-how.

Certification and processes

Companies in the telecommunications industry have to comply with many certifications and quality processes. These processes may be administrative in nature, but they ensure the proper operation of the company and the protection of employees.

Examples include all certifications required for work at height, work using climbing equipment, electrical certification, ISO certification, occupational safety, first aid, the protection of our customers’ data and many others. Therefore, if an installation company is to function properly, to deliver 100% results for the customer in the long term and protect their investment, they must have a perfectly functioning system for training their staff at all technical levels, as well as at the level of their own internal processes.

Certification and processes


climbing equipment inspections


of climbing rope inspections


training programmes


trained climbers per year

Quality control and e-learning



The quality of Suntel Group employees is continuously evaluated and, based on the results, employees are automatically retrained to update their knowledge. The Suntel Group Academy includes a climbing polygon where advanced climbing techniques and load handling are trained so that our employees have the best possible know-how to perform the work as efficiently as possible and to the required quality. During these training sessions, utmost emphasis is placed on workplace health and safety and protecting the technology.

Another part of the facility is a technology laboratory, focused on certification and training for work on electrical equipment, and for training to carry out the complete installation and service intervention of telecommunications equipment. The laboratory is equipped with the technology, steel structures, and antenna systems that are commonly used in practice. Each worker here is trained and tested on their knowledge of the installation standards of the project prior to deployment in the field.

Project and certification management

The company also uses its own e-learning portal to continuously validate the knowledge of its staff and to ensure instant access to all new guidelines and changes in installation standards, even when our staff are in the field across Europe. Our team of trainers regularly check compliance with workplace safety rules and the quality of installations. As a result, Suntel Group is able to operate a comprehensive training and quality control system, which is reflected in excellent results over the long term.

The company uses the advanced ERP system Helios for project and certification management. This system ensures accurate and efficient management of project processes, including quality and cost. And it enables us to manage certifications at both the company-wide and individual employee level.

Project and certification management

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