We are a partner that fully supports you in all phases of your solution lifecycle: from consultation and planning, through design and engineering, to implementation, operation, and maintenance services. We create an integrated strategy for your ICT platforms and continuously improve their performance. As the technological and operational complexity of telecommunications networks continues to increase, we focus primarily on higher value-added and comprehensive services. We have long-term experience in managing large-scale projects and operations, and in the maintenance of telecommunication networks.
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We have been at your service for more than 23 years. We are a Central European leader in the construction, modernisation, and maintenance of telecommunication networks and in ICT services. We operate in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria. We achieved our position thanks to the quality and precision of our implementations, exceptional skills, and the hard work of our people. Our solutions include construction, maintenance, and service. We take care of the job – from A to Z.
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The merger of Backbone, Suntel Czech and Arbor brings a wider range of services and greater transparency for customers

This June, Backbone, Suntel Czech and Arbor completed the merger of their companies.

The merged company will operate as Suntel from 1 July 2024. It will continue all three firms’ existing activities helping customers to build, modernise and maintain telecommunications networks in Germany, Czechia, Austria and other European countries.

This merger, which has been in the pipeline for nearly two years, is a big step for the three companies.  “We see the merger as a way to generate opportunities and enter a new phase of growth and increased competitiveness in the telecommunications market,” says Michal Mrázek, Managing Director, explaining the reasons why the firms came together.

The Suntel brand now unites a large professional staff with the experience, know-how and resources to offer wide-ranging high-quality services in the telecommunications, infrastructure development and energy sectors.

Key points of the merger:

“Two years of gradual measures to harmonise our working practices and corporate cultures has enabled us to complete our merger without any changes in operations or staffing. All the project teams remain with the same composition and our customers will notice almost no fundamental changes,” says Chief Operating Officer Rudolf Koláčný.

“We believe that bringing together such a strong team of high-quality people will bring many benefits for our customers, employees and shareholders,” Suntel’s management concludes.

Michal Mrázek
Managing Director
Phone: +420 737 283 200
Email: michal.mrazek@suntel-group.com